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March 5, 2009

The Face of the Opposition

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A lot of people have said a lot of things about what I’ve done in the last two weeks.  But none has made more impression than the one I call the head of the Republican party, essentially, its heart and soul.  Rush Limbaugh is a formidable foe, his reach is broad.  Millions of listeners tune into him daily.  He was the rockstar at this weekend’s conservative convention, and everyone from New York Times to the CNN has all but crowned Rush as the face of the Republican party.

With millions and millions of conservatives rallying to his voice, he is the face of the Republican party.  To which I echo proudly in the voice of my predecessor, BRING IT ON.  Between David, the Spanker (Rahm) and myself, we had a sit down on political strategy the last couple of weeks, and this weekend just topped everything.  We love the idea that everyone is elevating Rush as the head of the Republicans, the new RNC chairman Michael Steele has got nothing on Rush.   In his own words, Rush hopes that “I fail.”

I don’t know how everyone would interpret that other than that they hope America fails.  I’m the leader of the country, if I fail, I will drag the country down, and the economy won’t recover.  So, by saying that he hopes I fail, Rush is effectively saying that he hope America fails.  How terrible.  Talk about trying to make political hay out of the misery of the country.

Sure, I have poor Gibbs out there looking harried and combative, but it’s part of the master plan of misdirection, confusion, and chaos that I’m sowing into the minds of the enemy.  I know what I want, I want to lead the country into success for the next eight years, and I will do it.  To do that, I’m going to choose my opposition, and confuse them while I pull of the save of the century.

So, Rush, my friend, I heart you, and look forward to the loyal opposition from you in the next three and a half years.


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