The Personal Journal of POTUS

December 5, 2008

The Price of Leaving

At least that’s what I think I am paying for now. As you can see OPEC managed to not get consensus on production cuts. You know what this means? The frigging Saudis have decided that it’s ok to push back and keep us on the crack addiction known as oil now that I’m leaving. Those bastards have decided that since I have less than two months left in office, they can start hoodwinking the American public and I can’t do anything about it.

Gas prices are at multi-year lows, and if OPEC maintains this current rate of production, all of my efforts the last few years to keep oil  price high  and keeping America focused on going green might go to waste. Because in another year or two of this, no one is going to remember how much we are addicted to oil, and how painful prices at the pumps are. Come on guys, you didn’t think Gore’s film was what brought on all these alternative ideas right? It was capitalism and imagery, pure and simple.

Cost of oil going through the roof gives great imagery, and venture capital guys are busy linking oil to energy generation costs (think electricity), and then toss in Weird Al and his Oscar, and suddenly you have a winning combination with green tech. But it’s hard for consumers to keep stuff like this in their minds if they are too busy worrying about their jobs and thanking Allah that oil prices are at two year lows.  How do we know, have a look at SUVs, believe it or not, they’re making a come back.

I have half a mind to tell the Israelis to go bomb Iran right now, that’ll at least spike oil prices for a few weeks, enough for Barack to get in office and make sure that there is still momentum for green energy in next year. This sucks, all my efforts the last few years and taking public beatings are going to waste. OPEC managed to pull a fast one on me, dammit, I should’ve given the Israelis the go ahead to get Iran this summer.


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