The Personal Journal of POTUS

February 22, 2009

A Courtesy Call

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On Friday, I called up my predecessor.  It’s been a month since I took over from him, and I thought I should see how he is doing.  I had heard from one of my colleagues that he called Bill Clinton about a month after he left office, and I thought it would be nice to extend that courtesy.

I caught him apparently out on a bike ride, so I chatted up with him for a bit.  I asked him how he was settling in and what he is doing.  He told me that he was doing fine for the most part, still adjusting to the fact that he doesn’t have to get up in the morning to listen to the briefing from the company, and having to get Laura coffee.  He told me that he kind of missed the White House chefs since they were so damned good, but otherwise, he is getting used to being an ordinary guy.  As far as Secret Service allows him to be.

I reminded him that if he thinks he needs protection down the road, I’m happy to get an executive order in place.  George just laughed it off, and told me that he could take care of himself.  He told me that the last trip in Iraq, a second journalist threw a shoe at him, this time off camera, and so knowing he had a freer hand, he caught the shoe and threw it back into the guy’s face.  And then he told the security to let the guy up, and then told the guy to take a free shot at him.  Apparently, he had ordered Secret service to stand down, and do nothing, so this guy tried a quick punch to the face, and George apparently caught his fist, and then twisted his arm until the guy started crying uncle.

Anyway, not sure if I believe that one, but I told him my offer remains open, and if he wants to come up to the White House for a visit, just let Rahm know, and he is welcome any time.  It’s nice not having to worry about your immediate predecessor make comments about all your decisions at every opportunity, unlike some other president who shall remain unnamed.


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