The Personal Journal of POTUS

January 11, 2009

What’ll They Name After Me?

Filed under: Satire — fakepotus @ 5:12 pm

Couple days ago, I was out in Norfolk with Dad to see the Navy commission an Aircraft Carrier in his name.  It was a pretty proud moment actually.  The ship was fantastic, I had a quick tour, and I thought it was really cool that dad had a brand new ship named after him.  It was neat to actually see the bottle break over the hull.  Of course, it’s not the first time they put the ship in water, but I would love to get a chance to be on the ship a few years from now when it’s tooling around somewhere in the ocean.

Seeing this though got me to thinking, what would people name after me.  I mean I don’t really expect much, but you know if you see dad being able to receive an honor, it would be nice to receive the same honor yourself.  Now, the sewage plant was just plain insulting, but that’s what you’d expect for California, well, at least the loony northern part of it where they don’t understand respect for fellow human beings, and that they’d actually waste time talking about something like that rather than doing something serious, like balancing their budgets.  I also love this idea they have of flushing all these toilets, here is California with its chronic water shortage, and these so called environmentalists want to waste more of it.  Just goes to confirm my theory that those loonies up in San Francisco are all a bunch of crazy hypocrites.  But I digress, may be they won’t name a ship after me, I wonder if I can get the air force to name one of their new bombers after me, kind of like how they named the B-2s, with Spirit of Kansas and so forth.  I hope they try something more interesting though, like Hand of Bush, or Wrath of George.  Heh heh, that would be kind of funny.

Anyway, just a few more days of this now, the packing is still going on furiously, although I have to say, the perks of the presidency is still there, I can still enjoy the White House kitchen for a few more days.  Thinking today should be some type of BBQ chicken pizza, or may be some Curry.


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