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December 27, 2008

The Fun Side of Life

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I am such a kidder… heh heh, you know, as I get closer to leaving office, I have more time to reminisce and relive my old days back in college.  I remember some of the pranks we pulled back then, like getting baking powder laced with sugar to one of freshman and telling him it was pure cocaine, and laughed our asses off as he tried to snort that stuff.  Or the time we got a couple of strippers and had them show up at the home of the dean, that was hilarious.

But as president, I’ve been all serious until now.  But today, I managed to pull one prank that I was rather proud of.  I told the air force to use one of their E-bombs on an island that were full of terrorists with WMDs.  Then, I got a couple of buddies in the Joint Chiefs to swap GPS coordinates, and we blacked out Oahu.  Five minutes after the black out, I called Barack on his cell phone, and asked him if he could turn on the TV with this late breaking story that’s just appearing on CNN about the Middle East.  I said that it would be good to get his advice.

Barack’s first reaction was to press me for more details, and then ask if my people could brief key members of the transition team.  I kept telling him that it’s all over the news, his people are probably seeing it now, and he needs to flip on the TV.  It takes him but a couple of second, and he comes right back and says: “Oh, ha ha, George, that’s a good one, you got me, nice black out.  A bit mean to screw with the vacation, but this is really good.  But wait till I’m president, then I’ll get you.”

I have to say, I’m impressed that Barack figured it out so fast, if it were an Al Gore or a John Kerry, they’d be frantic with worry about how the media would portray them in this dire situation and being out of touch.   Not Barack, he shook that one off like water on a duck.   That’s pretty slick.

I wonder how some other world leaders might react.  I am thinking may be next week, I’ll call Gordon Brown and tell him that I need him to redeploy the redcoats he’s pulling out of Basara to Africa, that it’s a dire emergency that only the British can handle.  Or may be I’ll call Olmert and tell him I’ll back any move he makes to Iran for the next 24 hours, and then call him off just before his planes reach their targets.  Oh man, the fun I can have with a touch of a few buttons.


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