The Personal Journal of POTUS

December 13, 2008

Corruption??? What Corruption?

By now, no doubt everyone has heard about the wonderful governor of Illinois: Rod Blagojevich (can you have a more difficult to pronounce last name?)  Anyway, the current news is that he doesn’t want to go quietly.   Of course, the fact that much of the controversy is surrounding the senate seat vacated by Barack is another quiet storm that’s brewing.  So far Barack has done well to deflect the situation.  But I am proud to say this is one of these preemptive strikes that makes me feel good about the presidency.

I had heard about this investigation from Mukasey way back before the election, and I told him to keep it under wraps since I didn’t want it to taint the process.  Then when this senate seat came up, the US attorney in charge wanted to wait until he could bag the whole lot of them.  He said it would’ve been spectacular, and would have gotten certain members of Congress and a whole lot of people in the Illinois political machine.

I won’t name names of course, but let’s just say more than a few “leading” politicians in Illinois would’ve been wearing prison orange – including a certain representative in the House.  The deal was on the verge of getting made when I had the attorney in charge force the situation. Get the Governor before the deal is done I told him, otherwise start polishing your resume.  Now he was really unhappy about this.  After all, he could’ve had dozens of heads mounted on his wall, and now all he gets is Rod.  But I told him, he would be a hero for doing it.  It took a lot of persuasion, but eventually he charged Rod before any deal would get done.

Now, I know what I did doesn’t seem right, after all, I could’ve bagged a whole bunch of corrupt Illinois politicians and smeared a bunch of asshole I really didn’t like.   But I just couldn’t do it to Barack.  I mean, he is going to be our shining beacon of hope, I couldn’t have done something like this that’ll hopelessly taint him in the first months of his presidency.  There were talks going on, and even though his staffers supposedly didn’t directly involve themselves, there were too many things that would look bad in public.  So I did the right thing and shielded Barack. He has important things to do for the American people, and little things like this shouldn’t stand in his way.

Hopefully, it’ll be a lesson to the rest of those corrupt bastards, and give Barack a better chance of keeping those bozos in line.   You know, I almost feel like Batman at the end of Dark Knight, where he is the real hero but takes a bum rap.  But that’s just me.  Protecting America the best I can.


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  1. The complete US Government is SOOOOO f*****g corrupt!!! Just helping the corporations make more money and the f*****g stupid americans doesn’t have a clue….The ignorant americans get what they deserve…


    Comment by swedeblogger — December 13, 2008 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

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