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December 8, 2008

Sigh… Another Bailout

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Why do I feel like I’m in the last stage of my presidency?  Oh yeah, because I am, but instead of handing out pardons, I get to hand out bailouts.  Now this entire last year feels like a whole the last two weeks of a presidency.  Today is just one more nail in the coffin.  Yes, I’m surrendering to Congress’s demands… after a fashion.

I’m not really going to give them the $25 Billion out of the $700 Billion, or is it $800 Billion or a Trillion package I already dumped out.  I suppose it was a good thing that they aren’t going to use the money from the $700 Billion bailout, but really, what difference did it make?  I wanted them to give me the free trade deal that would make the economy faster.   But they decided to do things the hard way, and try to stick it to poor Barack.

Well, the free marketer in me says that they should be just allowed to fail, but I don’t want all of the workers to lose their jobs… even though the bailout would just delay that.   So, I just go ahead and deliver, I figure what the hell, just bailout Bear Stearns, sure enough a bunch of people lost their jobs, but it stabilized the system right?  But it was like a drug that went on and on.  Then came Fannie and Freddie, and here came Paul and Ben, and another one, and then AIG, but I put my foot down on Lehman, and it kills the company and cause the ripple that some would say caused McCain the election.  I guess I just had to stand by my principles just once.  But my decisions had consequences.

Oh well, it’ll be Barack’s problem come January anyhow.  So I should stop worrying about it now.  Just a bit more than a month to go I guess.


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