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December 5, 2008

Fresh From Business School….

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I give you business plans from the Three Stooges (AKA big 3 auto makers). Hmmm, let’s see what they are offering. Oh, CEO taking $1 salary, hmmm, how much were these guys making the last couple of years? Let’s see Alan from Ford picked up about $40 to $50 million in three years, and how much in options again? Then, there is the idea that all the salaried employees are no longer getting merit raises or bonuses for the year, there goes the concept of meritocracy. Workers of the World… UNITE. Finally, like everyone else, they’re jumping on the electric car bandwagon. All this gets at least Ford to profitability by 2011. Hey genius, I thought the electric car technology wasn’t proven yet, let alone profitable, so, you’re going to get into more debt? If you bozos are going to sell the car for a loss, how are you going to get to profitability. Or are you just going for another handout in a few years?

Of course, this bogus plan is probably good enough for the Congressional morons to get rolling on the bailout. Ma Pelosi was already harping about how the big three must not fail, this is really silly, I can’t believe that they came up with this only and didn’t bother to put up union concession on the tables and are talking about it only now. Paying workers who aren’t working is just plain stupid. I wonder if they also thought about streamlining the idiotic dealership system. Of course, none of the tough measures that are needed were in the plan. But hey, these guys are coming from Detroit in Hybrids and SUVs, so that’ll make things so much better than corporate jets. These days, it’s the imagery that counts.

Frigging idiots, all three of these guys should step aside if they are presenting this type of business plans. But at least we got them to take symbolic $1 annual salaries, oh, but no mention of the stock options while the stock is at rock bottom pricing. This plan is the kind of cute stuff you’d get from a first year MBA student, full of holes, and no realism. How did these guys ever become CEOs? This is so moronic that only Congress will buy into it.


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