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November 27, 2008

The Midas Press Conference

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I didn’t think it would be possible, but it is indeed Christmas in November.  Now I’ve been talking about gagging Hank Paulson, but the guy keeps turning up on TV every few days to drive the market down.  But thankfully, there is a solution, America.  It’s call Obama.  Now, I watched this for three days just to be sure, but as you might have noticed, Wall Street pretty much had a winning week.

You might wonder why that’s the case, well, it’s simple, my friends.  Because every day the market has been up, Obama has been announcing something from the Office of the President Elect.  And I really applaud him for a job well done.  Is this all a coincidence?  Well, let’s look at the evidence:

Friday, Dow Jones is up 494 points; after words comes out that Obama is making up his cabinet appointments, Hillary is going to be Secretary of State.

Monday, Dow Jones is up 397 points; and here is the first Obama news conference, he names his Treasury Secretary.

Tuesday, Dow Jones is up 36 points; and here is another Obama announcement, talks about budgetary responsibilities and cuts, and appointing his budget director. Now, the reason it wasn’t up triple digits?  You guessed it, Paulson was blabbing away earlier in the day.

Wednesday, Dow Jones is up 247 points; and what do you know, Obama has yet a third announcement, with yet another team of advisers.

So all in all, every time Obama opens his mouth, it’s like the Midas touch, or rather, the Midas appearence, and Wall Street goes up.  I for one am happy.  You go, Barack, count me your number one male fan.  America, congratulations, change has come.


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