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November 26, 2008

No More US????

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I have to say there are all sorts of entertaining things in the works around the world if you know where to look for it.  Take this nugget for example, this is really interesting.  First, I didn’t even know that Russians had any scholars.  I thought they were just a bunch of dumb pissants being ruled by a psychopathic maniac.  But guess I was wrong, if Russia is full of scholars like this one, then I can leave office happy knowing that Russia will catch up to may be France in terms of capabilities sometime in the turn of the next century.  I’m just glad that my original opinion about that country after I looked into Putin’s soul wasn’t too far wrong.

However, there are interesting possibilities if you look at Professor Igor’s theories.  So, the Pacific country would probably be the West Coast plus Hawaii. Hey… Texas is a nation all by itself, may be I can be president of Texas.  Although according to this, I better ally with the so called Central States, since they’re the ones who will have all these ICBMs and nuclear bombers.  Then there are the Atlantic Coasts, Northern and Southern states… hmmm, I wonder who’ll be presidents in those areas.  I can figure that Arnold would want to be leader of the Pacific country, and probably some bible thumper for the Central States.  Oh, this could be so much fun.

But you know what the Russians really want, Alaska… heh heh, ever since Seward bought it from the Czars for a couple of quarters, the Russkies have been bellyaching and wanting it back.  Sorry guys, you don’t get to drill out all the oil and natural gas in Alaska.  That belongs to us.  Just be happy we didn’t buy Siberia back then too.  But I love the last part of Igor’s thesis: “China and Russia will become the world’s great regulators.”  China I can see, but Russia??? You may as well say China and Iran if you keep spouting non-sense like that.

Seriously though, days like this I do need the laughs.  Did anyone see that Hank Paulson shot his mouth off again?  And of course the Dow took a nosedive right afterwards, didn’t we have a gag order in place on Paulson?  Geez, well, it’s a miracle the street ended up in positive territory today.


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