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November 21, 2008


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Or at least the plan…. that’s what ma Pelosi is saying to the auto industry.  Show us a plan, and then we’ll show you the money, so crows Pelosi and Reid.  Hmmm, I can think of the plan that GM, ford, and Chrysler will come up with.  Send in Gettelfinger, or was it Sticky Fingers, or was it Butter Fingers.  I can’t keep it all straight any more.  He will threaten the Dems with no more support from the UAW if the Democrats can’t get a package through next month.  Then of course, ol’Gettelfinger has to say the right things to the media, like its critical for my administration to reach an agreement with Congress.

Buddy, you got that right, for the next two months, you still need me to move things along.  I think I’ve been clear what I want.  Pass the free trade agreements with Columbia, and South Korea, guarantee that the secret ballot for unions will be preserved, and we can get a deal to save your job and your union.  So, you and your three CEO pals can push through those agendas for me with Ma Pelosi and Pa Reid, and I think I can use my persuasive powers on the Republicans in Congress.  Yes, I know it must rankle you to have to do my bidding, but that’s life.  Either that, or you can go the way of the Yugo.

But you guys could always wait until Barack comes in and hope that the automakers don’t collapse before two months from now, and that he’ll immediately sign off on the money.  But then I digress, there has to be a plan come December 8th according to Ma Pelosi, so you guys in Detroit better start up on those power points.  Hey, there must be a few MBAs there that can come up with decent power points right? I personally can’t wait to see the plan, you know, with my executive MBA training, I could probably even help the auto industry for the right fee.


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