The Personal Journal of POTUS

November 17, 2008

Why can’t he shut up????

It’s official, I have a rogue on my hand.  I mean what the hell, I told Paulson that we should make sure Obama has some leeway and money when he comes into office.  Keep some of the $700 billion available so that Barack has some maneuvering room when he gets in on the 20th.  The next thing you know, this thing is front page news.  Hank, you know, I told you to hold off on the money, I didn’t tell you to fucking blab to Congress. That seive of losers are nothing but a bunch of media whores that love to blab.

In fact, didn’t I order you explicitly to keep your goddamn mouth shut?  Haven’t you seen what’s happened?  The market goes down every time you open your mouth.  The economy is already bad enough, you don’t know to weigh it down with more of your words of wisdom.  You know, I’m really tempted to fire your ass and have one of your deputies take over with all the trouble you’re causing.   Now, since you started talking, we have to go spend that money, poor Obama will have less leeway and then we’ll get mired down in this Congressional bullshit for the rest of the year while these bozos argue that instead of holding the money, we ought to save the dinosaurs of the auto industry.

Come to think of it, this is probably your original intent isn’t it?  Make sure GM, Ford, and Crysler, the three stooges of the auto industry gets bailed out.  Ok, what the hell is the kick back you’re getting from these guys, have they promised you a consulting position for the US automakers after you leave office.  This just really pisses me off, you bald commie.  That’s it, mandatory order, I’m going to have the Secret Service march you down to the Naval Observatory, and then have you go hunting with Cheney.  Heh heh, two go out, and only one come back.  Heh heh heh heh.


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