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November 14, 2008

The Communist

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One of the thing that has been said about my administration is how we dramatically increased the size of the government.  I am ashamed to admit it, but it’s absolutely true.   Looking at the current financial crisis, it’s only fair to say, we’re much more like the Soviet Union than we are like the United States.  My biggest regret is some of the people I appointed to in my administration, one person in particular comes to mind.  I nick named him, the communist, and that person is Hank Paulson.

Now, everyone knows I’m a big believer in the free market, a company should survive or fail on its own merits.  So naturally, I picked a Secretary of Treasury that I thought would embody that belief, and Hank fit the bill well.  Head of Goldman Sachs, took it public, great resume, and even better networks.  I figured if anyone understands the market and how to keep it growing on a nice steady clip, he’d be the guy.  Talk about disappointing.  I think I might have been better off if I picked John Corzine instead.

Hank has turned into essentially a bailout artist.  Instead of heading off the problem at the pass before this credit crisis ever got started, he didn’t do anything but bail out his buddies on Wall Street.  Now, it’s going beyond Wall Street, and I don’t even think he has a plan.  I mean this bailout… errr, I mean rescue package called TARP was originally supposed to be used to buy up bad mortgages, now Paulson wants to use the money to support consumer credit.  On top of that, he is suggesting I go along with Congress to bail out the big three auto companies.

Those three are like the definition of corporate dinosaurs, instead of adapting lean business practices and taking on the challenges like unions, and competitive pressures early on, they decided to ignore the problems, and stick with business as usual.  They have this too big to fail mentality that is just ridiculous, so of course, if we don’t save them today, it’ll cost millions of jobs tomorrow, why?  Because they’re too big to fail.  You know, there is a another word for this kind of bailout, it’s called nationalization.  Paulson essentially want me to start the first step toward a bunch of state owned industries like the old Soviet Union.  I almost want to ask him what next, may be bail out Yahoo?  How about the furniture industry, or the textile industry.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I only have another two months left, I would fire this guy.  Oh well, another two months, hope Barack pick a winner for his Secretary of Treasury.


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