The Personal Journal of POTUS

November 11, 2008

Barack and I

Yesterday, I had my one on one sit down with Barack, and interestingly enough we had a few things in common.  It’s the first time I’ve talked with Barack alone, and yes, inquiring minds wants to know what we talked about.  So, while I can’t give you all the details, here is a couple of nice tidbits.

On the foreign policy side, Barack was not very happy due to the news out Monday morning about our involvement attacking terror cells in places like Pakistan and Syria.  Since this is something he actively has to do anyway, but just want it done in secret.  Now the Times are blabing, so there’ll be a spotlight on this stuff.  He knows that the article was aimed at me, but he wished that the Times would’ve kept its mouth shut about these things.  He was quite pissed since the Times took his pragmatism to the extreme, and is trying to box him in.  Like saying, hey, see, Bush attacked these guys, so it’s ok that Barack does it too.  I agreed, it was stupid, because the last thing the Muslim world needs is to be openly humiliated by border violations posted on the New York Times.  It makes the job for Barack that much harder in the long run.  I told him, see, secrecy does have it’s place after all.

Then, there was the economy.  Obama came and asked for what I expected, which is a deal on the auto industry.  My response here was pure genius, first I feigned shock that he is being pushed around by Nancy and Harry, and then I went into negotiator mode, and started to push the Columbian Free Trade agreement as a quid pro quo.  The point here was to guage how Obama would react to such an obvious challenge, and something Democrats wouldn’t like.  We both know that in the long term, the deal with Columbia, like NAFTA helps the US economy overall.  The problem is that the Democrats don’t like it, because their backers in the union hates this stuff.  I figure the odds on the deal going through are small anyway, but this was a chance to gauge Obama.  To see if he was really as pragamatic as I hoped, or if he was going to be Harry and Nancy’s meat puppet in the oval office.  Barack didn’t say anything one way or the other.  But I thought this would be the test that shows if Barack is going to be a great president,  If he is good enough, then he’ll get Congress to turn on this Columbia deal and he gets what he wants.  Otherwise, if he can’t push it through and get Pelosi and Reid to bend, then his administration will become a hostage to Congress.

So, after talking to him and looking into his soul.  I’ve decided he is a rather likeable fella.   I feel a bit sorry about the tough love he has to get on the auto industry, but I’d rather he learn earlier that there is no free lunch than learn it too late.  In his new job, Congress isn’t a friend, if he let’s Nancy and Harry run all over him, his will be an ineffective administration.  Tough love, God knows I’ve had to hand out a bunch of that during my administration.  I’ve done my part for now.  Good luck, Barack, and remember, YES YOU CAN.


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