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November 10, 2008

Obamas are coming to visit

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This is going to be an interesting week.  Let’s see, I have this meeting on the 15th to talk about the world wide financial crisis.  There are all these things that Congress wants, and on top of it all, Barack and Michelle are coming over to visit tomorrow.  I figure we’re gonna have a long talk about the state of things.  I am guessing though that what this is really going to be about is time for a favor or two.  It’s kind of weird that something like this is possible, and now if I were a typical politician, like say a Clintion, I’d just obstruct the hell out of Obama. Hope he trips up, and have a bad start.  But then I’m not very vindicative by nature.  Although one of the favor that’s going to be asked for sure I am not sure about completely.

I mean I’m all for helping Obama and the country, but it does go against all my instinct to try to bail out those morons who have mismanaged the big three auto companies. and those unions who kept pushing for more and more. I mean it’s like the banks all over again.  I should’ve let a few of them fail earlier, thinking back Bear Sterns comes to mind.  It would’ve forced this crisis on earlier and get the situation resolved earlier, but no, I had to listen to Paulson and Bernake. Which just prolonged the crisis.

The other part though that rankles me is that I’d be providing political cover for the two jerks, Nancy and Harry.  If I did this, that’ll make the UAW happy, and it’ll keep Michigan, Ohio, and I figure Pennsylvania solidly in the Democratic camp.  So, this isn’t just a  helping hand for the economy, it’s like a helping hand to two of these rather unpleasent people.

So, there are two choices, I do nothing for the next eight weeks or so, and may be one of the three,  Chrysler  for example, fails, it might not be such a bad thing.  It’ll force the other two and the unions to come to terms and try to be a little more competitive and structured.  It’s progressive, and get the unions into the 21st century in terms of benefits and in line with everyone else, making the auto companies more competitive.

On the other hand, if I do nothing, a lot of people will lose their jobs, and well, It’s not like that’ll make things better.  So, it’s either make America more competitive in the long run with tough love or bail out the auto industry and set them up for longer term pain.  Well, I guess I’ll see what Obama says tomorrow, and  see if he can convince me to help him out before he even takes office on an issue that goes against the grain.


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