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November 7, 2008

Paying the Piper

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There is a simple trusim, politicians are beholden to their supporters, or special interests.  It’s true, I certainly was beholden to the financial sectors, and people in the energy industry (oil guys).  That’s just a start, and the list actually is quite a bit longer.  But what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander, and the Democrats are also beholden to someone… actually lots of someone.

Now traditionally, the favors aren’t collected on until after the inauguration or at least until after Thanksgiving.  But this year is special, the pipers have already lined up… and  the first ones paid visits today to the Tuesday winners of the political lottery.  The visitors were the CEOs of the big three auto makers, and their new buddy, UAW president Ron Gettelfinger.  Now, supposedly, there was a frank exchange of views in a closed door meeting regarding the state of the industry and the need for some money, about $50 billion or so.  So goes the media spin.

Let’s just say, it was about as frank as a pimp collecting from his hoes.  The scoop on the two closed door meetings are that Ron and the CEO of the big three laid down the law for Nancy and Harry.  The message: Democrats owed the UAW big time, and now they’re here to collect since the Democrats effectively controls both Congress and the White House.   To start with, at least $200 billion over the next few years.  The media can be told about $50 billion or so for now, but basically whatever money it takes to prop up the auto industry and keep all of the big three from going into bankruptcy.  On top of that, no more stupid emissions standards set by Congress, and as much financial incentives as possible to develop next generation electric cars, hybrids and whatever else that sounds good.  Also, trade barriers to keep UAW jobs and help in preventing factory closures in the states.  Finally, pass the legislation preventing secret union votes.

If all of these needs are met promptly and quickly, the Democrats can enjoy continued success in three key states for years to come, these are Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  On the other hand, if these requests are not met, look forward to those three becoming permanent red states come the next election cycle.

Of course, Harry and Nancy tried to duck the request, but were told under no certain terms, get moving on this stuff or you’ll be lucky if you guys are minority leaders after 2010.  Supposedly, there is going to be a meeting with Obama too at some point.  Poor Barack, I don’t envy him, I’m glad I’m getting out of the game, this is gonna get ugly.


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