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November 5, 2008

Californians are dumb and now the whole universe knows it.

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Now, everyone knows that Californians are not exactly the brightest bulbs in this country.  But this is just beyond stupid.  As everyone knows, California had this gigantic hubhub over this gay marriage thing, first it was Massachusetts, then Vermont, and now it’s California, and there are a few other states.  As anticipated, the idiotic proposition 8 passed, and now it’s going to set off more court battles and legal challenges.  Now, you true conservatives must be wondering why I think this is such bad news.

Well, it’s very simple.  When that stupid state facing so many issues, only moronic Californians would manage to drag up such a non-issue.  Then spend something like $60-$70 million fighting over it.  Then they’re going to have to spend money to enforce this thing, and of course, we’ll get 15 million lawyers to sue over it.  Worst of all, you’re going to give that whiny Gavin Newsom more things to crow about, the guy practically ran Frisco into the ground, and you idiots who are opposed to Gay marriage is going to make him a hero who stood up against bigots (I know most of you aren’t) and then he’ll be your govrernor someday.   At the end of the day, it’s all a big waste of money, who cares.  If gays and lesbians want to get married, let them.

Now, I’m not Arnie’s biggest fan, but I agree with him, just kill the stupid proposition and get on with it.  This is California, you idiots who sponsored this proposition knows that it’ll just get into the books some other way, it’s inevitable.  There was already a ban that was voted on a few years ago, and here you are yet again, feels like Californians are bunch of idiot hamsters running around on a hamster wheel..

Well, like I said earlier, only in California can you find such a mixture of idiots and morons.  My advice to you so-called conservatives is that the liberals are gonna find a way to get this into the books, sooner or later, so, just let it go.  Stop wasting time on this crap, and get on with your life.


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  1. Although I agree that it should be left alone. If they want to marry let them. The constitution provides equal rights to everyone.
    Doesnt it? The government has no business in the middle of citizens sex lives.
    No I am not gay I am straight. I just think its hypocritacal to single gays out.
    Now on to the real story. Please stop generalizing all of California. All of California didnt vote that into law.
    Most likely those that did are not the same ones opposing it. So you say everyone in California is to blame then. Dumb just plain dumb.
    In fact the anti gay marriage movement consists of many out of staters.
    Research it. See who is fueling it.
    You make no sense by stateing California idiots sponsered it, you really think those few are same ones opposing it? Come on. You obviously are intelligent why not think and report a little more realistically??

    For the record and against my original beliefs Arnold has done a great job. As well as he is allowed anyway. I and many others that reside here love our state, we have jobs, and those that dont are lazy, ignorant w/e. Jobs are in abundance. Even Mcdonalds pays $8 to $12 an hour. Anyone that wants one can get one. No they want to sit on their ass and collect free money. The economy is thriving and I as an adult enjoy not having to beg borrow steal etc to feed my kids. Yes cost of living is high. But so are wages compared to say the midwest.

    I didnt vote the gay marriage prop. in.
    I didn’t vote it out either.
    Its done let it be. I agree with you.

    Comment by Itwasnt Me — November 11, 2008 @ 1:51 am | Reply

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