The Personal Journal of POTUS

September 18, 2008

Unfinished Business

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You know I’ve been accused often of not doing enough on the war on terror.  The Congressional Democrats are all going on and on about how I am wasting time on Iraq, and I should be focusing on Al Qeada, and their Taliban backers in the tribal region of Pakistan. Now all of a sudden, there is all this attention on what’s going on in Pakistan.  You can read the headlines by the liberal media, and you know all they care about is how to try to screw me over.  Of course, what else do I expect from the lapdogs of Grannie Pelosi and Granpa Reid.  Never mind the fact that we’ve been active in the tribal region for years trying to take out Osama and the rest of the Taliban.  Now when the elections are heating up, the media decides to shine a spot light.  The Democrats of course all clam up, because their candidate talked about doing the things I’ve been doing for years.

It pisses me off because that has caused poor Musharraf to step down.  Yes, that’s the real story, not some bogus crap about judges, it was all about soverignty.  As long as everybody kept things under wraps, Musharraf was fine, but the assholes in the media had to go and publicize all that we did.  The bitches are accusing me of trying to make a last play for Osama and Ayman.  Hello assholes, I’ve been trying to get them since 9/11.  Now you guys caused the loss of one of our most faithful allies.  You guys are so worthless, you’d do anything for a buck.

Barack, buddy, remember, when you take office, becareful what you do.  I know you’ve talked about going into Pakistan, the truth is we’ve been doing it for a while.  I hope this mess shows you how much the media would care if you actually did something useful.  Remember to be covert.  Those assholes in the media just care about the next headline and not about the country.


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