The Personal Journal of POTUS

September 10, 2008

Taking it all in…

Ok, I was wrong about this Sarah Palin gal, apparently someone from nowhere can galvanize our party, even though they should already be galvanized given how screwed up the Democrats in Congress are.  But I have to say that old fox McCain still had some wits left about him.  Let’s face it, his campagin was a snoozer until he got her.  I have to admit all the Romney, Guilianis of the world wouldn’t have made a difference, but Palin did.  She’s probably as good a speaker as Obama.

According to Karl, the Obama campaign was thrown into a bit of tizzy because of Palin, and because of their own pick for VP, who was just another pol from DC, nobody even paid any attention to him.  Karl told me that he was heavily against Biden for a simple reason.  Obama/Biden, sounds a little too much like Osama Bin Laden, and it would give all the bloggers and the internet loons too much of an opportunity to make Obama out to be a radical Islam guy or some such thing, you can imagine the Swiftboat style messages that would be filtered around.  Karl was telling me that he had pushed for Richardson as Obama’s VP.  It would’ve locked up New Mexico, and hell, it would’ve locked up all the Hispanic votes too.  But apparently Obama was too worried about Richardson’s ties to the Clintons dispite  what Richardson did for him backing in the primaries.

Now comes Sarah Palin, and she’s such an unknown and gave such a good speech that the Obama campaign has apparently decided that she must be the Republican presidential candidate.  So, the campaign are getting their surrogates to do an all out attack on her, and while they’ve tried their best to paint her as a piece of Alaskan white trash who also happens to be a double talker, Obama has managed to forget about his own message in the process, and he’s managed to bring himself down to the level of an ordinary politician.

Karl was saying that if that’s what Obama wanted to do, he may as well reverse the ticket and have Biden be the president, and he can play second fiddle.  Obama’s message is about change and hope, it’s not the substance that matters, it’s the idea.  If he moves away from the hope and change platform and move into reality, he’s in trouble, and that’s exactly what’s happened.  He told me that Barack need to stick to his strong suit, if he starts up with change is phony theme, then his entire message since the primaries has just been tossed out the windows.

Now I admire Karl, he is a real genius when it comes to messaging and strategizing, but I think the one thing that he lacks is faith.  I certainly have faith that Obama can still win.  All he needs to do is stick to the change message,  the voting public will love the message of hope and change, and that’s how Obama will win this year.  But all the same, I have my eyes on young Palin, she might be a good candidate in 2012 if McCain doesn’t win this year.  But luckily I didn’t have to leave the comfort of the White House and the superb kitchen staff this time for the convention, just had to do the telepresence bit for less than 30 minutes.  I love technology.


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