The Personal Journal of POTUS

August 7, 2008

Congress Takes a Break

Congress continues to stonewall on off shore drilling. Leadership is just sadly lacking in Congress, heck, I even started the ball rolling by lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling, I figure it’s my last year in office, what the heck. I’ll give Congress some cover, take the heat from the environmentalists. But do these guys pick up the ball? Do they even try to help?

No, instead these bozos decided last week that it was time to go on vacation, give it five weeks and hope the oil come down. It’s like they don’t get it, they figure that if oil prices are falling, may be prices at the pump will go down, and nobody will remember by the time they come back. Talk about burying your head in the sand, Pelosi and Reid are just evil. You know, I suppose if I were purely political I wouldn’t care so much, since it just gives us Republicans a wedge issue on energy when we get back in September. But you know, the longer you people take the worse it becomes.

I keep telling you moronic Democrats, that you can’t just gap over onto renewable energy the tomorrow, you have to keep using oil for a while until you build up enough capacity from renewables take over. But you still don’t get it. There isn’t going to be more capacity unless we put it in place, and that’s only an interim until enough renewables come up to take over. I mean hell, even Obama gets it. Add in some other proposals, the Republicans are fine with it, conservation is fine, more PTC for renewables, great. I think comprehensive policy is what we need, hell, it’s what I’ve been pushing for on an energy policy since I came into office. Yet, even now Pelosi is shouting shrilly “hands off our coast,” and as for Harry, he is not in agreement “with every part of it,” hey Harry, what do you agree with? Anything?

But I suppose not all of you are morons. There are at least five Democrats who see the light of day, I wonder if that means they’re in battleground states come November. I suppose it doesn’t matter, as long as you guys try to get a comprehensive policy put together, I’m with ya. You know, you Democrats need to stop playing election year politics, and coddling the environmental groups, they’re gonna vote for you anyway. They’d be crazy not to, so, blow the fuckers off, and do the comprehensive energy bill like I wanted for the last few years. Do it before the elections come up.

Well, at least my part is done, I can put up a few calls to the more open minded Democrats, but that’s all for now. Well, time to sign off and head on to the opening ceremonies in Beijing. I am look forward to some good Chinese food.


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  1. Thanks! Really funny. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

    Comment by John Reed — August 9, 2008 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

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