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July 27, 2008

Dennis the Menace…

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So, Dennis Kucinich once again is calling for my impeachment, and he managed to put it into the schedule for the judiciary committee. To which I say: “BRING IT ON.” Actually, Dennis, the way I think about this, you guys end up being the loser no matter how this turns out. By you guys, I mean Congress, and more specifically your idiotic party.

Do you realize there is a problem with the economy? Of course you don’t, you narrow minded moron, all you care about is your five minutes on the small tube. But hey, at least your 2004 campaign got you a wife… good job, buddy, use the public to get dates. May be this little stunt will get you a kid or something. Anyway, thanks to you, the house (now run by Pelosi and her minions) look like a bunch of morons, confirming to the American people that you don’t care. This is almost as bad as the Senate holding hearings on major league baseball while the American economy goes to the toilet. So, instead of doing things like passing my energy bill and securing America’s energy independence, you hold impeachment hearings. Well, you go right ahead.

So, the worst case scenario for me is that your impeachment scheme goes nowhere. Then you guys show just how incompetent you are, and that you managed to waste your time and the time of the people along the way and not even for good effect. You get your two minutes in the spotlight, and then no one ever hears from you again. No skin off my back, and there is just a little galvanization of the conservative base to support McCain.

The best case scenario is that this impeachment scheme moves forward. Because if it goes, it ties up the country in knots through the election, the people would see the Democrats as a bunch of self-aggrandizing jackasses that didn’t care if the US economy melted down, and just cared about getting someone who is leaving anyway. Even if that went through, there isn’t enough time left before I leave office, and all you bozos will do is sap attention away from Obama’s campaign, and then you’ll kill his chance to be the next David Palmer. And for what? Even if you managed to get me impeached, my time is done, so there, have at it. I sure as heck won’t end up like Nixon.

Didn’t you idiots learn anything from the abortive attempt to impeach my buddy Bill almost ten years ago? I’m amazed how stupid you people are. I know my approval ratings are low. But have you seen the Congressional approval ratings? But hey, go ahead and knock yourself out, Denny boy, you’re just making the case for the American people about how useless you are, and how sad the Congress is, more power to ya.


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