The Personal Journal of POTUS

July 11, 2008

Three…. No… Four Missiles of DOOM

This is just too funny.  I got up this morning and somebody handed me this hilarious USA Today article.  It talked about how news organizations were duped by the Iranian government.  I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I just feel so bad for Ahmadinejad, I mean here is this guy who is trying to do his poor best to keep his government from becoming a laughing stock like Venezuela, and his has a bunch of stupid underlings who screws it up for him.

Mahmoud, buddy, I know I’d never talk to you directly, but here is a word of advice, at least you live in a dictatorship, and you can have the guy who did such a poor photoshop job executed.  Morons are all around you, no matter how smart you are.

And thanks to him, you got skewered two ways.  First, you’re an aggressive power that is trying to threaten the world with your missiles.  Then you’re an incompetent boob because your people are so dumb that they can’t even do a decent photoshop job to fool the morons in the press.  So, now you’re gonna get labeled as an aggressive incompetent.  Heh heh, Tell you what, give up your nukes, and I’ll ship over a couple of aides from Congress, they’re real experts at photoshop.  They can photoshop you with all the playmates of the last decade and make you look ten years younger, and it’ll pass any examination by the press.  That way, you’ll stop my headaches with the Israelis who want to bomb you and make the situation even worse.


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