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July 11, 2008


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On the way back from the G8, I got a call from Karl, and he asked if I had saw the latest news about Obama, and then he briefed me on the latest happenings.

Essentially it’s been just another brilliant move by Obama, since he has pretty much diffused the black candidate image with his broader appeal at this point. Now he has taken the race issue away from Jackson by his call for responsibility, and of course if Jackson desire “to cut off his nuts” helped Obama that much more  by showing how much Jackson is on the fringe.

No wonder Jackson is steamed, if there isn’t racial tension that he can point to, then he can’t shake down big companies for money quite as easily as before. Having a black president means these so called activists can’t keep ranting about white man in power keeping down the other races and playing the race card at every opportunity. If they do, then they’d have to call Obama something nasty like what they kept calling Colin and Condi when they were in public service and that’ll really piss off their own base.

Obama managed to avoid having Jackson drag him down into the mud of race politics just as smartly as he avoided Bill’s jabs in South Carolina during the primary. Since Jackson’s own son pretty much denounced him and what he had said, that pretty much put paid to whatever other influence Jackson might have in this election.

The best part of this whole thing is that Obama is keeping himself focused on the important stuff, like energy policies and the environment. It’s still a lot of talk at this point, but Obama is set up to do a lot of good when he becomes president. He will have some historic opportunities, after all as the saying goes, only Nixon can go to China, so only someone like Obama would have the credibility to marginalizes people like Jackson and their so called race issues. He will set a more positive tone for the country, and that’ll make it a better America all around.

You know, I wonder if McCain will mind if I vote for Obama in November.


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  1. Hahaha

    “Bro’s before hoes eh?”

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