The Personal Journal of POTUS

June 25, 2008

Color me a fan…

I got up this morning, saw the news where Obama said that Republicans will play the race card, it took me half a second to get on the phone with Karl. The first words out of my mouth were Karl, you advised Obama to play the race card, didn’t you? Karl’s reaction I can’t comment on that was all the confirmation that I needed.

I told Karl that was a brilliant move, and it actually showed a couple of things about Obama. Forgetting the fact that the Democrats always play the race card first and then complain about the Republicans when they do the same, this just highlight some of Obama’s better qualities. First, by bringing up the race card first, Obama effectively diffused the issue, and the way he played it will guarantee him the non-white votes especially if any of these 527 groups play up the race card and slanders him by implying that he is a muslim. Then Obama can immediately turn around and do a see I told you that’s what they’d do. But this showed me that Obama has his eyes out on the future, and that like me, when he sees a real threat out there, he’ll preempt.

Second, it showed me how shrewd this guy is. Obama is willing to listen to somebody like Karl, his polar opposite in politics and outlook on most issues. The fact that Obama is showing that kind of flexibility means that when he is in the White House, he won’t let his own personal opinions color his judgment, so he’ll listen to anybody who has a good idea. Definitely a mark of a good leader.

Through my exposition, Karl just sat there quietly, and when I finally got done. Karl was like well, so, if Obama does become president, it could be a really good thing for this country, eh? You certainly seem to like him and his ability to act and listen to people who aren’t like him.

I asked if it bothered him that he was advising both McCain and Obama at the same time like this. Karl said, ultimately, what mattered was that America has the best president, it doesn’t really matter which party he is from. Both Obama and McCain are good guys, but only one of them can be president, and it’s better if they get there without too much mudslinging.

I was almost brought to tears when I heard Karl say that. Sure, a lot of people call him Satan, but deep down inside, Karl is just a great guy, it’s too bad most people will never realize that. But, it’s not surprising, people usually shun greatness and don’t give recognition until long after the fact, sometimes never. And that’s the really sad…


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