The Personal Journal of POTUS

June 18, 2008

Obama’s Options

I got a call from Karl a couple of days ago. He told me that Obama had called him and talked to him for an hour or so about Hillary and what to do. Karl said that it was a rather strange conversation, but Obama had thought that this kind of move would be just the kind of unexpected play that throws off the Hillary camp.

Basically, Obama told Karl the following. Now that he has won the primary, he has to find away to diffuse the Clinton situation. Apparently, Hillary has been demanding the VP spot behind the scene, but was really arguing more for a co-presidency. Basically meaning, she would get equal say in decisions on the executive side, but not any of the blame when things go wrong. She was also hinting about Bill needing some authority in major economic decisions. Essentially a six legged, three headed monster. Oh, and she also want help in getting back the money she loaned to her campaign. Either that, or she makes trouble at the convention, and secretly funnel dirt to the Republicans for use during the campaign.

Obama was saying that he thought the best way was to play hardball, and force the Clintons to show all their donors and tax records as a way of keeping her from the position. But the problem is this would inevitably lead to a nasty confrontation and backstabbing at the convention and might even cost him the presidency. Besides all of that, Michelle really doesn’t like Hillary and she already has dibs on the co-president position. He didn’t really like all the options that his advisers was presenting, so he thought he’d call Karl and see what contrarian advice he could get on the Hillary problem.

Karl told me that he had advised Obama to give Hillary what she wanted. Basically, preannounce a position for Hillary, for example something like Health Czar, and let her take on all matters health related. Say something like her experience as a senator and as a first lady uniquely qualifies her for this position. Given what Hillary can bring to the campaign and her passion for the national health care system, we want her on board now and to start working on this so that she can hit the ground running when our administration takes over in January. That way, it would look like you’d have already brought her into the big tent on something important. If she accepts, you get her supporters automatically while having had the effect of pushing her off onto something irrelevant. If she opts to stay in the Senate, you would look like a really fair guy who offered her a position, and it’s her fault that she declined. Then if she tries to assassinate you politically, you take the high road, and she commits political suicide. This is a winner because you’d be able to put the nail in coffin for the Clinton’s political aspirations and the cost is a worthless post like Secretary of Health and Human Services.

When you get into the White House, if she succeeds, you can bask in the glory of your brilliant choice. If she screws it up, you can do a Wright defense, and say you were busy dealing with the mess in Iraq and you’re saddened that Hillary’s plan didn’t work. This way, you neutralize the Clintons in one fell swoop.

Obama thanked Karl and said he’d think about it. I tell you, Karl is frigging brilliant. I mean the guy could probably get water from stone if he wanted to. Look at what he’s done for me, and Obama would do well to listen to him. I was a bit surprised by Obama, after all the rhetoric, may be the guy is a bit more than talk, I mean going to Karl is pretty unexpected, but a brilliant move. After all, how many guys would think of going to the oppositions chief strategist for advice. It’s like Churchill going to Rommel during the middle of WWII for advice on how he should fight the war. I have to keep an eye on this Obama guy, and McCain might be in trouble than I thought.


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