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June 11, 2008

Solar, Wind, and Biomass…

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I admit it’s not as catchy as Earth, Wind, and Fire, but that’s our energy future we’re talking about here, so it doesn’t have to be sexy. At least I’d like to think so. One of my pals in Houston told me that they had this convention for wind power last week, and they were really into bashing the government for not doing enough such as not renewing PTC (Production Tax Credit). I really empathize with these guys, I mean they have no idea how much I want to switch over tomorrow, but there are all these assholes in Congress keep blocking my initiatives that keeps us from getting away from oil dependence.

Heck, I’ve been emphasizing a more diversified energy portfolio since at least 2006, and God knows how long I’ve been talking about greater energy independence. I wanna sign off on the PTC so we can get more credits for renewable energy, but those losers in Congress don’t want to hear the idea without also putting more oil on the table at the same time. I mean what are those geniuses thinking, that we magically switch, and we won’t need oil in between. Dumbasses…. Read the stuff from the DOE, we can get up to 20% of our energy from wind by 2030, so sign up on the PTC, but that’s still just 20%, so we have to make damn sure that we need to keep drilling for oil in the US so that we can make up for some of the shortfall in the interim. You think Iran or Venezuela are gonna help us?

But nobody wants to listen, that’s the problem is really with all these tree hugging nutjobs who can’t walk the walk, they don’t even think about simple things like economics of a smooth transition from oil to alternative energy.

Just to scratch the surface, if we wanted to really switch over, we had to do the following: 1) Upgrade all the electrical infrastructure so that we can route the power.

2) Get all the automakers to switch over to electric cars or hybrids.

3) Switch the oil industry over to activities other than drilling for oil and transporting this stuff.

That’s just a start, all this and make sure that a bunch of people don’t just get put out of work… things like this take time. But the liberals don’t want to hear it, they keep pushing stupid bills like this climate bill from Barbara Boxer, or this windfall oil tax. Hey morons, have you checked out gas prices, lately, you think people care more about your phony emissions credits than they do about how much they pay every month for electricity or every time they go to the gas pumps? When you push through these dumb bills, price of gas ain’t gonna fall, they’re just gonna go up.

But I don’t want to go into the blame game here, I’m in it for the solution, and I know that the solution is energy independence from foreign suppliers. But if the Congress doesn’t want to do the right thing, well, I still have some strings I can pull.

For example, last month, the media reported that I went to the Saudis to beg for more oil, and got rejected, remember? The truth, I laid down the law when I went there and told Saudis, don’t open up the spigot any more, restrict supplies, or else I start bombing Iran. Then the Iranians will mine the strait of Hormuz, and the Saudi people will revolt, which means the ten thousand princes can kiss their kingdom goodbye. The Saudis were on their knees asking me to let them up the supply just a little, I told them a marginal increase so that the folks at home don’t suffer too much. But dammit, we need some tough love to get ourselves moving to alternative energy.

Why doesn’t anyone else see this? Well, at least the PTC will still go through Congress, luckily, so that’ll keep people like T-Boone Pickens can keep moving along on the alternative energy track. $10 billion is a small start, but all big things start in small steps. At least, I would’ve done my part to get us to energy independence by the time I leave office. Painful but necessary.


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